Bills paid together makes life easier



Get the receipt for payments you have made and fund the bill.



Pay the invoices you receive from suppliers and vendors with Scrapabill.



Get your mobile phone, electricity, gas, Internet and cable subscriptions funded.

Client ID

Client ID

Raise the money to pay any person, government or organization you owe.

Tickets & Fines

Tickets & Fines

Pay speeding and parking tickets, suspended license, towing fees, and other fines with funds raised on Scrapabill.



Pay your credit cards, mortgages, personal, business, payday, auto, and student loans with Scrapabill.

Payment Order

Payment Order

Raise the money any court or organization has ordered you to pay.



Get a quotation for the cost of goods and services and raise the amount on Scrapabill before making payments.

Meet and follow the people advertising to Scrapabill

Get connected, communicate and be interactive with your followers. Make offers and ask for deals from business members advertising products and services. When your bill scrapping process is complete, activate a new bill and continue to grow your network of followers.


Bills are activated first before other ads. Invite your friends to follow you after activating a bill


Buy and sell products, promote your services, and business opportunities using our classified ads.


Promote your, concerts, seminars, festivals, and other events while you raise funds to cover the expenses.


Write articles on topics that can effectively promote you and your business.


Reach out to your audience with commercials and marketing videos.

Business Listing

List multiple locations to expose your business. Offer benefits and rewards to attract more customers.


Activate banners to market your business and personal interest. Track the number of clicks and views.

How It Works

Funds accumulate in your secure private bill payment and care cash accounts each time your dedicated followers activate ads on the platform. So your bills, advertising costs, and membership fees are often covered. With over 5 billion consumers worldwide that subscribe to paid services, you can use Scrapabill to save money, attract customers to your business, meet people, build relationships, and fund bills in 7 easy steps.

The 7 Easy Steps To Scrapabill


Use your email, Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn account to register. Don't be alarmed. We won't post anything on your behalf.


A complete profile update and verification with photo enables you to post and activate ads, get your followers to notice you and receive advertising payments.


Post ads, invite friends to follow you, share photos, videos, send messages, chat, and meet followers in your area.


From your private account, activate posted pending bills, business listings, classifieds, banners, videos, articles, and event ads. Payment required for all ads activation on the platform.


Upgrade your membership plan at any time to gain access to ultimate incentives. Get customer loyalty rewards and enable transfer of funds to your card. Bill payment card is mail to the address on file to access your funds. Membership can be for life.

Pay Bills

Activate bill payment card and pay your bills. You can use Scrapabill or third-party bill payment service. Check card balance at any time and provide proof of bill payment.

Care Cash

Authorize withdrawal of care cash for your business startup, expansion, development, or marketing.

Read the success stories of satisfied members from all walks of life.

Scrapabill members consist of people from various backgrounds and cultures. Many are professionals and entrepreneurs while others are students and job seekers. The testimonials from every individual are voluntary and unique. Our diversity makes us strong and powerful.

Download the Scrapabill App

Make it convenient to scrap household bills while you are on the go. Shopping and entertainment are more exciting when you don't have to worry about the expenses that come with it. You can activate ads, chat, interact, and share private photos, videos and files with your friends and followers while you are in control of who can access your profile and post.

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